WISCO Lasertechnik Customers Worldwide


The WISCO Lasertechnik is well experienced in the development and manufacture of laser welding applications for the steel and automotive industry.

Based on our know-how in plant construction, our laser welding systems have been developed for the production with optimized piece costs. Our engineering performance in the laser welding area is carried out in close cooperation with our customers.

Tailored Blanks Systems

Standard machines as well as customized solutions can be provided by WISCO Lasertechnik.

Conti-Laser-Welding System for linear seams or production systems for Non-Linear seams - our machines are equipped with state-of-the art quality systems.

The specific requirements of our customers can be taken into consideration for
  • Manual Tailored Blank Laser welding machines
  • Semi-automated Tailored Blank welding systems
  • Fully-automated Tailored Blank welding systems
  • Laser welding systems with integrated laser cutting edge preparation
  • Mechanical shears for edge preparation
  • Blanking dies
  • Tailored Blank forming dies
All of our technical solutions
are focused on
  • Optimization of piece costs
  • Flexibility
  • High productivity
  • High efficiency
Coil Joining Systems

In 1991 we realized the first Coil Joining Machine using the laser not only for welding but also for edge preparation (cutting).

Based on our comprehensive experiences in mechanical as well as laser edge preparation we consequently focused on the laser process. Advantaged by the evolution of new high power lasers with excellent beam quality laser edge-preparation can also be used in coil coating lines.

  • Non-contact cutting process by laser (no mechanical wear)
  • Different material properties (gauges, strength) can be easily adjusted
  • Sophisticated aligning system for coil ends
  • State-of-the-art weld quality systems are included
  • Optional included: quality station to check process relevant data without interrupting production
  • Cutting dust collector included
  • Automated scrap removal included
  • Automatic weld sample removal
Circular Laser Welding Systems

In 1992 we realized the first circular laser welding application for a shock absorber reinforcement blank.

Today we have experiences of various applications with different types of laser sources, like CO2-, NdYag-, Slab-, Diode-, Disc- or Fibre lasers. Our solutions can be customized specific to customer's requirements. Our machines range from manually loaded, simple low-volume stations up to fully-automated, flexible production lines.

  • Two laser welding heads for parallel welding
  • Two feeding devices with integrated part storage
  • Short cycle time (9,5 seconds)
Special Purpose Machines

With our special purpose machines we customize our engineering according to specific requirements of our customers.


Our clients benefit from our wide experience in Laser processes combined with know-how in

  • Material handling
  • Automation
  • Assembly
  • Clamping
  • Quality control